Office chair competition
with Charles Carpé and Yiqun Zang

This chair has been designed around its seat and backrest. They are the permanent element of the chair. Its soft and thick form provide a comfortable seating position and its cloth upholstery give it a unique recognizable plush feel. The cushion has four fixation points and the backrest two. Then a multitude of possible structure are possible to support the seat.

Each structure proposed offer either a functional or esthetic variation for the Cuscy chair. The structures are made of a minimal number of steel bars that are simply bent to link the six fixation points.

The chair is inspired by modernist designs such as those of Marcel Breuer or Mies van der Rohe, using a pure simply bend steel frame. The seat and backrest differ though from the one on chairs of the modern era. They are thicker and softer which makes them more suited for office spaces where user sit all day long. The fabric of the cushions also contrasts with the cold rigid aspect of steel offering a more sensual feel to the user. The fabric also allows for a more varied choice of patterns and colors

The Cuscy chair offer a re-interpretation of the modern style with an emphasis on comfort and personalization.